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6 July 2020

New rules have been implement ed to ensure the safety of everyone attending. 

Please read carefully.

Opening - Mosque will open 15 minutes prior to each Jama’ah prayer.

Closing - Mosque will be closed 10 minutes after each Jama’ah prayer.

Sunnah -  Time will be available for Sunnah and Nafl prayer at the mosque for each prayer time, with the exception of Jumu’ah / Friday Prayer.

Capacity -  mosque us running at limited capacity.  Upstairs will be closed with the exception of Jumu’ah.  Doors will be locked when at full capacity.

Wudhu – The wudhu facilities will be closed.  Please perform Wudhu at home prior to attending the mosque.

Register – You MUST fill in the register each time you enter the mosque.

Prayer Mats – You MUST bring your own.

Cones/Markers – Please prayer only at designated areas marked by cones. DO NOT move the cones / Markers.

Social Distancing – You MUST keep 1 meter plus apart at all times.

Hand Santiser – Please use the hand sanitiser each time you enter the mosque.

Face Masks -  Face coverings are recommended, however you MUST wear a face covering for Jumu’ah.

Children – NO children under the age of 12.

Elderly and vulnerable advised to pray at home.

DO NOT use the fans at the mosque.

DO NOT shake hands or hug.

If you develop any COVID 19 symptoms or are sick, DO NOT ENTER the mosque.

There will be NO access to Qurans, Tasbeehs or any other reading materials. 


If you have any questions or require further clarification with regards to the above, please contact a member of the Management Committee.

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